Puerto Escondido ( The Hidden Peot ) 


If you are relocating or just coming to Puerto for an extended stay, Property Group is here to help. We are the only place you can go to get reliable long term rentals in Puerto Escondido. With over 14-years of experience in the area, The Property Group team understands your rental needs. Puerto offers so much opportunity today, whether you have come to Puerto Escondido to retire, build your dream home or an extended vacation to avoid the cold of the northern winters Property Group can assist you in finding a rental home to fit your needs.


Our Team is devoted to helping you find a home that fits all your needs like price, location, amenities and size. We can also help in the daunting task of relocation. Property Group is the only service that will not only help you to find a suitable rental. During your search for your perfect rental our team can also provide helpful information that you will need when first arriving into our beautiful city. Like instructions on how to obtain Phone service, internet, cable, gas for your hot water and stove, also where and how to pay for all your needed services. Our team can also provide you information about your options when it comes to immigration and visas. Property Group listings are up to date and current. Please contact us with any questions we are here to help.


List Your Rental Home With Property Group   


At Property Group of Puerto Escondido, we are offering the only listing specifically for long term rentals. We have created a service that makes long term rentals simpler. We are reaching out to owners that want to list their rentals from one month to many years, please this web site is not for short term vacation rentals but long term rentals only. For short term vacation rental please see our other site SunsetRealtyPuerto.com.   


This site is designed for individual’s families or groups that are seeking a rental for one month to many years or are relocating to live in Puerto. We see many people that want to rent their house. Unfortunately, the only form of marketing is word of mouth until now. We thought a website dedicated to long term rentals could help. If you have a rental to offer or know someone that does please let us know. and we can add it to our site that same day. Property-Group.wix.com/rental

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Ave. Del Morro, Playa Zicatela,

Puerto Escondido,

Oaxaca, 71980


Email: sunsetpuerto@gamil.com


Web: SunsetRealtyPuerto.com




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CANADA : 52 - 954 - 127 - 1083

MEXICO English : 954 - 127 - 1083

MEXICO Spanish : 954 - 121 - 2321

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